Camping Holidays for Disabled People
Camp Dates 2019

25th May- 1st June

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Duke Of Edinburgh

Gold Award Residential Opportunities

Trekkers Camp are able to offer you the opportunity of completing this section of your award with the approval of your unit leader.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme specifies the following:

"The section requires you to undertake a shared activity or specific course in a residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment. The project should be for at least five days in duration."

"You will have the opportunity to meet new people, build new relationships and work as part of a team towards a shared goal. It is expected that you will normally require briefing or training prior to and during the residential period so that you are able to contribute fully and get full benefit from the experience. Typical residential settings include youth hostels, sailing ships, activity centres or specific camps. Staying with families in their own homes is not suitable. It is important that wherever you go for your residential experience, it should be your own choice, and you are not gaining financially by taking part."

TREKKERS CAMP meets all these requirements, however, due to the nature of our camp, all we ask is that you undertake a full weeks commitment from Saturday to Saturday (7 nights). This ensures that you gain the most from your experiences with us and that the disabled participants receive a continuous flow of care. The care of our campers can become disjointed due to either the late arrival or early departure of their helpers.

Please CONTACT US for further details.





Katie Shaw
My first experience of Woodlarks was Trekkers camp. Whilst madness and mayhem seemed to prevail it was a really rewarding experience. The best part was seeing camper’s faces when they tried something they never thought would be possible. It was my first real experience of working with disabled people and has really changed my perspectives. I have since been back 3 times and intend to keep coming for years!

Ceejay Mackay
I came to the camp not sure what to expect as I didn't know how I would be treated coming to do my residential, especially because I had came from a long way away. After just a week at Trekkers I have already made some lifelong friends and am eagerly awaiting next years camp and this is all due to what is done at Trekkers. The camp and its organisers treat all helpers equally so you are in no way discriminated against on the terms of what previous care experience you have. Trekkers offers a friendly fun environment in which to do your residential and it is a valuable idea to do Dofe at 17/18 as seeing what it is like to care for others is great preparation for deciding future career possibilities. In addition it makes us all grateful that we are fortunate enough to be able to do most every day tasks and helping others all week lets you see what you take for granted. I enjoyed every second of Trekkers 2009 and can't wait to come to camp again sometime soon. Out of the 5 dofe folk last year all are coming back next year, they must be doing something right!

Trekkers was a fantastic experience which I would recommend to anyone. It is hard work but very rewarding in the end. I am very grateful for the experience and would love to return next year. I have made some fantastic friends, disabled and able alike. It is a fantastic opportunity to give me more life experience. Thankyou Glenn and Lynne.
Chloe Knox
I have really enjoyed my time at Trekkers Camp. Everyone has been really friendly and supportive, and I’ve tried lots of new activities. The whole atmosphere is very friendly and I’ve made lots of good friends. I’d really recommend it to anyone. I hope to come back next year.

Jessica Lau
I really didn’t expect it to be like this. It’s truly amazing! I thought the entire week was going to be chore filled, helping disabled people 24/7. However, truly it isn’t. We took part in many activities such as waterski and archery. So fun! Also, other D of E members take part in this event, meaning you won’t feel lonely. I’ve learnt a lot of skills this week – how to care for the less able.

I had a fantastic week and Trekkers was definitely the best option for my D of E Residential. It was a real life experience that has given me the opportunity to meet people and gain skills that couldn’t be provided anywhere else. Awesome! and would like to come back in the future.

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