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Camping Holidays for Disabled People
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Trekkers Camp 2017



This year’s theme is going to be Wacky Races!!

So Glenn has got the ‘angry bottom’ or whatever stupid phrase it is he says but I’ve just offered him 20p so he can contact an interested person via a call box!


We’re going to have a lovely time without his puerile humour and childish catchphrases and we won’t have to worry about people being picked on and made fools of like he normally does.


I feel very confident that we can have a brilliant Wacky Race week without him undermining or indeed sabotaging my carefully laid plans. I’m sure that by the end of the week long ‘Race’ we’ll all be winners.


There will be Karaoke, Disco, Picnics, Swimming and a madcap FancyDress Party night on the Friday.

There will be fun craft things and much much more. So get your thinking caps on and sort out your fancy dress costumes.

crimson varoom

Lynne aka Penelope Pitstop
P.S. Glenn is currently striding around the house muttering ‘Drat’ and ‘Double Drat’ but I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

pennydast mut


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